Social Media Analytics on a Budget

Analyze Twitter in Minutes

Posted 3 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I've built quite a few social media analytics tools over the years (Social Harvest, Virality Score, etc.) ranging from simple to complex to just what the client needed to support their marketing campaign. Suffice to say I've learned the tools of the trade and have built systems that do everything the more expensive ones do such as; Sysomos, Radian6 (whatever they call themselves these days), Viral Heat, and more (sorry if you didn't get a shout out). There's plenty...And they're all expensive (well Viral Heat isn't really that pricey, but... Read More

Problems With Google Analytics

We all use it, but did you know...

Posted 10 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Google Analytics must be the most popular web tracking service in the world. It's free for starters, that helps...But it's also quite nice and easy to install and use. However, there's a few problems that most people don't realize. The biggest problem is that the analytics can be skewed quite easily. This leaves many businesses vulnerable to malicious attack. What? For being able to record metrics?! Can they see them you ask? No, but they can add to your numbers. Bear with me and I'll explain. This is a huge problem for businesses... Read More

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