News Ox: Building a Better News Aggregator

Faster. More Relevant.

Posted 9 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

News aggregator sites and feed readers are broken. In fact, so broken and worthless that Google even canned its reader. This led to some people saying "RSS is dead" ... But that isn't true either. In fact, RSS is extremely important and great tools like Feedly, Flipboard, and Pulse are making RSS sexy again. While people are rushing to replace Google Reader, the simple truth of the matter is we need a better tool. Feedly, Flipboard and Pulse are great, but they are limited to RSS and you knowing about the source. The innovation to just... Read More

Viral News Search

Search current events based on how viral they are

Posted 10 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

In a short weekend I built a site, News Ox, to demo the power of Virality Score. News Ox is a viral news aggregator that does a real good job of presenting content about current events that is being shared across the internet. From there you can even filter by category or keyword, but that was just about all...Until now. Now you can search on News Ox. Or that is to say, you are searching part of the powerful data set within Virality Score, for viral news. Only 50 of the top results will be returned to you, but I felt that should be... Read More

Problems With Google Analytics

We all use it, but did you know...

Posted 10 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Google Analytics must be the most popular web tracking service in the world. It's free for starters, that helps...But it's also quite nice and easy to install and use. However, there's a few problems that most people don't realize. The biggest problem is that the analytics can be skewed quite easily. This leaves many businesses vulnerable to malicious attack. What? For being able to record metrics?! Can they see them you ask? No, but they can add to your numbers. Bear with me and I'll explain. This is a huge problem for businesses... Read More

Predicting When Things go Viral

How can we do this? How accurate can it be?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Predictive analytics has to be one of the most interesting and desired things in the tech industry right now. I remember well over a year ago at a meetup, where Kevin Rose was speaking, talking to a guy who couldn't care less about social media analytics. It was a good turn out given the speaker and I figured I'd run into some people who really had some good opinions. So this guy was raving about predicting user behavior. What people will do and how they will react. However, as I was talking to him about my older analytics platform, he... Read More

Some Extra Rackspace Offerings You Might Not Have Known About

What did I say about fanatical?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I'm not trying to come down on Rackspace or anything. I think some people were a little confused with my last post. I did use some bold language in the title, but that was merely an introduction to the relatively neutral (and analytical) post. Remember I said that I consider them the kings of hosting and they are "fanatical." Their words and I agree. I have a SUPER predispoition toward using Rackspace. It's the first place I go to. However, we can't sit here in this world with tunnel vision. Speaking of, the other day they made me... Read More

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