Some Extra Rackspace Offerings You Might Not Have Known About

What did I say about fanatical?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I'm not trying to come down on Rackspace or anything. I think some people were a little confused with my last post. I did use some bold language in the title, but that was merely an introduction to the relatively neutral (and analytical) post. Remember I said that I consider them the kings of hosting and they are "fanatical." Their words and I agree. I have a SUPER predispoition toward using Rackspace. It's the first place I go to. However, we can't sit here in this world with tunnel vision. Speaking of, the other day they made me... Read More

How Rackspace is Losing Customers

Maybe even myself...

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I shout red from the rooftops when it comes to hosting. I've been in love with Rackspace since I started using them years ago (and got the company I worked for at the time to switch their entire server infrastructure, all their clients except a few, over as well - which included dozens of high profile sites and campaigns). Granted, it was an arranged marriage. I used SliceHost beforehand and they were acquired by Rackspace, but that's ok. I later went on to take advantage of their affiliate program. Sadly they didn't have it way back when... Read More

Google PageSpeed

It Matters

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I recently built a viral news aggregation site and I wanted to ensure it loaded nice and fast. Also keep in mind that Google will rank your site higher if it loads fast - it's been a well known factor in their rankings for a while now. They even created this cool set of tools called PageSpeed to help you with that effort. First, you can see how your web site fares with regard to their standards by using their tools. I really have yet to see a major web site that actually scores nicely. None of the major news outlets that we all use... Read More

My Standard Server Setup

Configurations with Rackspace Cloud Servers

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I figured I would share my typical web application server setup while I've recently been on the subject of hosting. This is my mission-critical, scalable, redundant, (did I miss anything?) setup. You'll need 5 servers, along with a cloud load balancer, to pull it off with Rackspace. You can use smaller servers to cut down on costs as you see fit, but I typically start with 2GB for a production project. (2x) Web/application servers (I use Nginx if in need of a web server) (2x) Database servers (I use MongoDB) master/slave (1x)... Read More

PaaS on Them

Not so "Enterprise" Ready

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I've been giving some PaaS services a try. To be completely fair I don't want to mention which at this time. I may revisit others to get a more comprehensive comparison but I've been turned off for now. I've been hosting my small side project, Virality Index, on a PaaS to give it a test. The most attractive thing about a PaaS is the zero-config. You launch an instance, attach any databases, etc. and go. You can deploy your code from the command line which is very comfortable alongside Git. Then, it goes into the "cloud" and is... Read More

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