GitHub Issues Feels

Expressions in images

Posted 9 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Happy New Year! I stumbled upon about a dozen messages from GitHub in my inbox today on a project I'm following. Not even my project...but nonetheless I had sympathy for the repository owner because the issues were quite annoying and I think we've all been there. So I decided to express some common feelings and frustrations we all have in images (animated GIFs, why not?). Why? Because I'm bored. Enjoy. How I feel about +1 a million times over in an issue. The usefulness of icons & emoticons in issues. People who close... Read More

Updates to my Site

Portfolio, yay!

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I updated my site and, finally, added my portfolio. I realize that I unfortunately didn't grab many screenshots of work in the past that I now wish I had. At the time I just wasn't thinking or figured things would stay on the internet longer than they do. Note to everyone out there, always get screen shots! You really never know. I'm sure I'll go back and dig through old code and put it up locally to get some more screen shots, but I think most of the important stuff is in the portfolio. I've also updated my site and removed the use... Read More

New Site

It was about time...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

It's been long over due. I needed to redesign my site. There's nothing wrong with the old blog system I was using, in fact I'd recommend Croogo to anyone. It's a terrific blog built on top of the equally terrific CakePHP framework. I have lots of fond memories and good history there. It's just that I've since moved on to the Lithium framework. Why? Well, I do find it better but, most importantly it allows me to experiment more and design applications using more modern PHP 5.3+ features. I like to stay on the cutting edge or; as some may... Read More

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