Research Into New Metrics

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I've been doing a lot of research lately. Good research. I still have a lot of pieces to put together, models to smooth out, and more...But, things are going well. Well enough that I figured I'd leave people with a sneak peak. What exactly is it? It's a measure for how viral something is. That's, surprisingly, something that's a bit of a mystery still. If you ask people what makes something viral (or search engine it) you'll come up with a lot of varying opinions. The truth is, most of what you will read is incorrect. Number of views does... Read More

MongoDB and Lithium - PHP "Advent" Article

Happy holidays!

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I was asked to write a little "advent" article for everyone about MongoDB and Lithium and so I did. I'm not going to repost it here on my blog though. You'll need to hop on over to Sphere and read it there. I cover quite a bit in that article and it's a culmination of a few other articles I've had on my blog in the past. I know it's a lot to digest, but I hope it makes some good reference and starting points for people. If you wanted to know how to run any sort of aggregation tasks in MongoDB such as; map/reduce, group queries, or... Read More

Build Desktop Application Using Node.js

A Quickstart using AppJs

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Unless you're building something that utilizes 3D graphics (and then again maybe even if you are using OpenGL) or something extremely resource intensive, you should be able to build desktop application using web scripting languages. It's nearly 2013 people. Why are we killing ourselves using languages that we know are slower to develop with for desktop applications? Hasn't Chrome OS and Windows Metro told us anything? Are we not using mobile applications and web site for many tasks where we used to reach for a desktop application likely... Read More

Trend Hopping

Stealing someone else's thunder?

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

During my research with social media, I've noticed a few things about trends. I've read some very interesting research, regarding Twitter trends, as well. Really though, the most interesting things come through obversation. Sometimes even very basic obversation. One thing I noticed was was that you'll find entire "campaigns," if you will, launched at almost random times that attempt to get a message out. One common industry is the music industry and you'll see these "pushes" for new albums, music videos, etc. Quite often a flood of links... Read More

Short URLs Suck: Please Stop Using Them

Why they are bad for the internet...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Short URLs don't really fit on the internet and are actually counter-intuitive if you think about it. They work against the natural flow of the internet. It's not the way they look or read. The internet would be just happy, arguably happier, if all of our URLs were simply IP addresses with a short string after the slash. No DNS resolution and shorter URLs means smaller indexes across the web. The problem is the aliasing and specifically how that aliasing is done across multiple servers and how it can be chained. It takes time to follow all... Read More

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