Koding Review

Taking the New Kodingen for a Test Drive

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So Kodingen has been hard at work rebranding and rebuilding its online IDE. They are now just "Koding" and their new service offering is still in beta...But it's pretty awesome. There are a few online IDEs that I love, but I don't feel like they can replace my local development environment. Well, the new Koding may be a contender with its new version! All of the same old features that they had with its IDE and virtual machines that handle PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby are here. Just redesigned a bit...And there's a terminal. How does it... Read More

Short URLs Suck: Please Stop Using Them

Why they are bad for the internet...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Short URLs don't really fit on the internet and are actually counter-intuitive if you think about it. They work against the natural flow of the internet. It's not the way they look or read. The internet would be just happy, arguably happier, if all of our URLs were simply IP addresses with a short string after the slash. No DNS resolution and shorter URLs means smaller indexes across the web. The problem is the aliasing and specifically how that aliasing is done across multiple servers and how it can be chained. It takes time to follow all... Read More

Better, Faster, Stronger with Angular.js

Oh, and more flexible too...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I recently gave hosting some static content on Amazon S3 a whirl. I wanted to ensure that, in the event of massive traffic, the site (along with my other sites) didn't go down. I also wanted to host it for as cheap as possible. I'm still waiting to see the next bill to check if my quick math was accurate. The site was just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A "static" site...But what does that mean? Now that I've been diving in with Angular.js, I've realized a new world of possibilities and the idea of "static" isn't so static afterall. An... Read More

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