Predicting When Things go Viral

How can we do this? How accurate can it be?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Predictive analytics has to be one of the most interesting and desired things in the tech industry right now. I remember well over a year ago at a meetup, where Kevin Rose was speaking, talking to a guy who couldn't care less about social media analytics. It was a good turn out given the speaker and I figured I'd run into some people who really had some good opinions. So this guy was raving about predicting user behavior. What people will do and how they will react. However, as I was talking to him about my older analytics platform, he... Read More

Does Removing a Like or Down Voting Make Something Less Viral?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

The short answer. No! Believe it or not, once you say something on the internet, it's hard to take it back (completely). So don't go posting any pictures on Twitter that you wish you hadn't. If you were to like something and then real quick unlike it and remove it from your timeline, you wouldn't have contributed to a page's virality. Because most likely you haven't spread the information. You also haven't taken away from its virality because you can't change what other people have done. However, if you were to unlike a page hours or... Read More

Viral News Aggregator

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Starting a new side project here, News Ox. It utilizes Virality Score's API to aggregate the most viral news on the web. It's a good content discovery tool. Addtionally, it will display amber alerts for your state (perhaps county if I work on it a bit). So it's a really super useful way to go and read news. I noticed during my research and construction of Virality Score that I found myself actually going off and reading some of the URLs that I gathered and measured. I ended up getting most of my news this way because I simply didn't have... Read More

Where the Viral Things Are

Virality Score's Powerful Data API

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Virality Score has a lot of data to say the least. Gathering data from various sources, watching the top news outlet RSS feeds for emerging news, and listening in on social media...The database speaks volumes about what is going on in the world. It also happens to be quite intelligent given all of the semantic data. In the process is an evolving data API that lets us make extremely powerful observations about content on the internet. For example; as news becomes viral, let's say you wanted to know what source was responsible for creating... Read More

The Most Viral Companies

How would you go about figuring this out?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Virality Score gathers a lot of semantic data (and I'm always working on gathering more). It all sits in MongoDB and so that's where the magic happens with its aggregation features. Today I challenged myself. I wanted to know what the most viral companies were. In other words, what companies are trending because web content which mentions those companies is being shared with great frequency. What I ended up with was quite interesting and essentially looks like this: What this shows is The Weather Channel, The Washington Post,... Read More

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