Virality Index Update #3

I think I really need a public roadmap...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

This is the third major update I'm writing for Virality Index. Again, these updates document some of the broad changes and observations with the tool. I will be creating a roadmap soon though. This will help keep these updates on point and give you an idea for what's to come. About ten days ago I made a huge update to the algorithm. It's proving to be a very good update and has given the tool the ability to measure a broader range of content. Accuracy in terms of "scores to views" and "scores to number of shares" and "scores to general... Read More

K-Factor is not an Accurate Viral Measure

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

In the course of my research, I've seen quite a few claims about how k-factor can be applied to measure how viral something is. It's a great value to understand and use, but some people apply the formula to measure the wrong things. What does it measure? It measures adoption rate or conversion rate. It does not measure "virality" or how viral something is. Though you should see a greater k-factor if something is viral, this is not always a true statement nor is it something that holds any accuracy. K-factor is simply the number of... Read More

Virality Index Update

Measuring against a broader index...

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I've made some updates to the algorithm that generates the virality index. You can check out how these changes affected the scores of URLs at In general, a lot of URLs will see a drop in their score. This is because before I was measuring the average URL discovered when searching across social media. My initial thinking was that a collection of "average" URLs and those found surrounding popular or trending subject matter would be the top performers. Or at least contain the top performers. The interesting... Read More

Updates to my Site

Portfolio, yay!

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I updated my site and, finally, added my portfolio. I realize that I unfortunately didn't grab many screenshots of work in the past that I now wish I had. At the time I just wasn't thinking or figured things would stay on the internet longer than they do. Note to everyone out there, always get screen shots! You really never know. I'm sure I'll go back and dig through old code and put it up locally to get some more screen shots, but I think most of the important stuff is in the portfolio. I've also updated my site and removed the use... Read More

Update to Lithium Bootstrap

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I've made some updates to li3_bootstrap. Some important ones. First off, I've replaced TinyMCE with CKEditor and plan to add file/image upload support in there soon. This will be on li3b_core so any other library can hook into it. Of course this is biased and will use MongoDB. Some work will need to be done to get it to work with MySQL...Namely, disabling the feature and re-building it to work by uploading to disk. I'm making a lot of hard decisions on the direction here and will not support MySQL personally. That's not to say you... Read More

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