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iOS 7 Spiked Sharing Activity

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Apple Virality 3 Days

So how did the news go over for iOS7? Pretty well it seems! Many sites had something to say about it and the stories were shared in mass.

In fact, stories talking about Apple for the past few days were, on average, more viral than 22% of the stories on the internet!

Digging deeper into the data... We can actually compare sites side by side with this interactive graph and observe some interesting things going on. For example, had the most viral story, but that was short lived. What about their typical coverage? Well, it isn't as viral as, say, vs. It also seems that has a rather consistent coverage of the subject matter. Though Mashable is certainly a top performer in this space. What's even more interesting is that many of us would expect Mashable to have a far more viral story than AnandTech, right? Certainly looking at other metrics like, it would lead us to this conclusion. Mashable has over 2 million unique monthly visitors whereas AnandTech only has about 500,000. So for the iOS7 release, we have this nice David and Goliath story. The smaller site took on and outperformed the giant site for this particular subject matter. Though if you look at the bottom of the screen shot here (or go to the report page) you'll notice Mashable has certain content about Apple that surpasses the others. Remember the graph here is for average domain virality across all relevant stories.

This begs the question, is it better to have fewer more viral stories? Or more which are less viral? Sometimes sites cover a certain subject matter over and over providing very little value beyond their first (or top) story. Being unhappy, I assume they keep writing trying to spark sharing on social media. Their stories are sorted by date and they want to remind the public that they are still covering the subject matter. Really though, what they need to do is identify their most viral content and promote it more instead of simply writing more of the same story. Effectively use your top content, don't drown it out with more new stories that say the same thing. No one wants to re-read the same news over and over. Proof right here.

There are many observations to be made with Virality Score. This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more!

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