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Posted 9 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Happy New Year! I stumbled upon about a dozen messages from GitHub in my inbox today on a project I'm following. Not even my project...but nonetheless I had sympathy for the repository owner because the issues were quite annoying and I think we've all been there. So I decided to express some common feelings and frustrations we all have in images (animated GIFs, why not?). Why? Because I'm bored. Enjoy.

How I feel about +1 a million times over in an issue.

The usefulness of icons & emoticons in issues.

People who close issues without reason or comment.

Repository owners who have a million unanswered issues.

People who submit pull requests promising a fix (that ends up not so much).

How I feel when an issue tells me I'm not following standards.

When someone submits an issue that isn't an issue.


On a side note, you can really spend a lot of time on Gify...But it's a really fun site when you're bored. A thank you to Gify for allowing me to express my inbox and GitHub issues.


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