MongoDB and Lithium - PHP "Advent" Article

Happy holidays!

Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I was asked to write a little "advent" article for everyone about MongoDB and Lithium and so I did. I'm not going to repost it here on my blog though. You'll need to hop on over to Sphere and read it there.

I cover quite a bit in that article and it's a culmination of a few other articles I've had on my blog in the past. I know it's a lot to digest, but I hope it makes some good reference and starting points for people. If you wanted to know how to run any sort of aggregation tasks in MongoDB such as; map/reduce, group queries, or wanted to use the new aggregation framework...Then I think you'll like the article. I broke it down into sections for each of those topics with examples. This is, of course, assuming that you are using the Lithium framework. However, you might still find value in the article if you're using another language or PHP framework. Once you get beyond the calls to the database, the rest is just JavaScript getting executed within the database. That or convert a PHP array to JSON and now you have the "guts" of the call in Node.js or some other language.

Anyway, enjoy!

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