My First Skill Share Class

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I put a class together and put it up on Skill Share. Overall, it was a fun experience. The site is clean and the form to build your class is also very clean and guided. The only trouble I really had was with uploading videos. About half the time they didn't end up encoding and attaching to the class. Eventually I got everything up though.

I used Koding to demonstrate some things while I recorded the lessons which made for an excellent teaching tool. Being able to record my screen and simply switch between two tabs in my web browser was great. Ever see those tutorials where you see how untidy someone's desktop is? None of that here. Plus, if the people watching the video decide to use Koding as well (and clone the companion code GitHub repository I setup) then they can literally follow along and see exactly what the video is showing.

Overall it was a great experience and I think sites like Skill Share are great. The idea is great and online education is something I certainly think can use some help (give it time, it's growing) and is something I think is important. As a developer I can do my job anywhere...So why can't one learn how to do that job from anywhere as well?

My class is on Angular.js and how to create directives using it. If you'd like to take it, you can use the discount code: 5OFF to get $5 off making it only $15 for 10 video lessons and a lot of great explanation. I detail (and demonstrate) variable scope in directives and a lot more. If you're unfamiliar with Angular or confused about how to develop directives, you should walk away knowing how to build one and have a deeper understanding for how they work. Google's documentation isn't the best and until you really dig in, it can be quite confusing. As always, I'd love feedback so that I can improve upon it and help even more people.

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