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Posted 2 years ago by Tom Maiaroto.

It's been long over due. I needed to redesign my site. There's nothing wrong with the old blog system I was using, in fact I'd recommend Croogo to anyone. It's a terrific blog built on top of the equally terrific CakePHP framework. I have lots of fond memories and good history there. It's just that I've since moved on to the Lithium framework.

Why? Well, I do find it better but, most importantly it allows me to experiment more and design applications using more modern PHP 5.3+ features. I like to stay on the cutting edge or; as some may even say, the bleeding edge. Although things are pretty stable in PHP 5.3 land as well as Lithium land. The speed benefits are also great. I was able to get my site back up and online in a matter of minutes. I'm actually spending more time designing it than coding it.

How? I'm using my project, Lithium Bootstrap. Not so cleverly named after the wonderful Twitter Bootstrap project. The intent is the same though, instead of for layout, it gets one started with back-end boilerplate code. Is it a CMS? Sort of. It is the next evolution of my Minerva system, but I'm probably not going to call it a CMS. I've spent many, too many, years playing around with content management systems in my lifetime. From Drupal to WordPress to Joomla! to you name it. I don't believe in a one size fits all when it comes to the internet. However, with a little extra effort and understanding you could use Lithium Bootstrap to very quickly build out your next project. You have all of your basic bases covered from user authentication to access, a blog, gallery, and more. It follows a pretty solid convention and doesn't get in your way. So you can use other libraries with it, build along side it or directly for it.

I will try to give it a little more attention soon, I've just been so swamped with Social Harvest lately that I haven't had the chance. My site was definitely first on the list but, since I'm using Lithium Bootstrap for my site, that means I can also work on Lithium Bootstrap at the same time. That's probably the biggest reason for the change to my site. I like to work on all of my projects simultaneously. Everything I do feeds another thing. Well, as much as I can help it at least.

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