Some Extra Rackspace Offerings You Might Not Have Known About

What did I say about fanatical?

Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

So I'm not trying to come down on Rackspace or anything. I think some people were a little confused with my last post. I did use some bold language in the title, but that was merely an introduction to the relatively neutral (and analytical) post. Remember I said that I consider them the kings of hosting and they are "fanatical." Their words and I agree. I have a SUPER predispoition toward using Rackspace. It's the first place I go to. However, we can't sit here in this world with tunnel vision.

Speaking of, the other day they made me aware of a few things. Well, I knew that they acquired Object Rocket, I remember vaguely reading that. However, I didn't mention that in the previous post and it deserves some special attention. Rackspace tends to make very good acquisitions (one was SliceHost) and this simply illustrates their forward thinking. It also means it's a really smart company to own stock in.

I didn't pay much attention before though because Object Rocket is some seriously expensive MongoDB hosting. I favor Mongo Lab to be honest when it comes to a hosted MongoDB service. Though I don't use them myself because I manage my own (for a variety of reasons, one of which is so that they are on the same subnet as my applications - pricing strategy as well as security and performance).

Also, consider that services such as Digital Ocean could provide you with an SSD based MongoDB for a fraction of the cost. However, you have a lot more work to do with maintenance.

Anyway, the point is that they will soon have a hosted MongoDB solution. They will also soon have SSD options for their cloud servers. However, there appears to be no public details about that yet.

Still, we haven't addressed the issue of cost. How about some help?! Well, it turns out (and I didn't know this) that Rackspace has a startup program! Very interesting. They also help out first time customers with various incentive programs. Though I'm beyond that personally, you should inquire if you're thinking about Rackspace.

If your'e a startup, and if you didn't know about Rackspace's program, you should definitely check out their "rocket fuel." I think it's really great that Rackspace is helping people out with these accelerators and VCs out there because it can be a tough game (one I am going through right now myself). So this kind of support and outreach is very much appreciated. It also happens to be extremely important and so I wanted to make a quick follow up blog post here to help spread the good word.

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