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Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

Starting a new side project here, News Ox. It utilizes Virality Score's API to aggregate the most viral news on the web. It's a good content discovery tool. Addtionally, it will display amber alerts for your state (perhaps county if I work on it a bit). So it's a really super useful way to go and read news.

I noticed during my research and construction of Virality Score that I found myself actually going off and reading some of the URLs that I gathered and measured. I ended up getting most of my news this way because I simply didn't have time to read news otherwise. So I figured why not? 

It doesn't summarize the articles, but instead it just filters out all the junk news. In a few minutes I'm set and know what's going on. I feel good keeping up on current events and I love it. Hopefully other people will too. 

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