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Posted 10 months ago by Tom Maiaroto.

In a short weekend I built a site, News Ox, to demo the power of Virality Score. News Ox is a viral news aggregator that does a real good job of presenting content about current events that is being shared across the internet. From there you can even filter by category or keyword, but that was just about all...Until now.

Now you can search on News Ox. Or that is to say, you are searching part of the powerful data set within Virality Score, for viral news. Only 50 of the top results will be returned to you, but I felt that should be enough news to read about for your search query. It's a wonderful way to read your news in fact.

This is part of why I built the site. As I was doing my research and building my algorithm, I realized that I was scanning headlines from my data set and following links in my database out to the stories to read them. A lot of time was spent doing this. So I decided to build a simple aggregation tool that would make it easier for me and demo Virality Score at the same time.

Yesterday I completed the addition of search and now have an even better tool at hand. It's far easier to use and I can now get news on the exact thing I'm after. But why? Why can't I just use Google News or Pulse or a search engine? Glad you asked. Simply put: Speed and relevancy.

The reason I (or you) would use News Ox is because it indexes much faster than search engines for starters. Google News indexes as fast (or perhaps even faster), and Pulse (or any other RSS news reader) is instant...But both of them fail to filter out the noise. While you can search with these tools, they still bring results to you that are more or less "dumb." You could be turning up "advertorials" or paid stories. You could turn up stories that aren't that interesting and are a complete waste of your time.

The results you get with News Ox could sometimes be duplicate coverage of the same topic from different sources, but they are all popular and viral stories. News Ox filters out the noise of the internet and leaves you with what you need to know. Period.

It's a time saving tool and I love it for reading news. I hope you will too.

Bonus! I've also put right under each search you make a little breakdown of social network share. In other words, if you search for a given topic, where is it being discussed and shared the most? Facebook? Twitter? Now you'll be able to easily find out. This might help you search those social networks for more insight, reactions, opinions, and other information from there.

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