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Posted 1 year ago by Tom Maiaroto.

I had a chance to dive deeper into the powerful Virality Score data set to build a new demo on the Virality Score web site. So I figured I'd show the fruits of my labor here with you. What does this demo report for the iPhone show? Or this one for Microsoft? What am I doing with the data? Simple, I'm showing "entities" (people, places, companies, organizations, etc.) and who is talking about them. Of those writing stories about these items, which web sites are most successful in spreading the information? Where are the most viral stories coming from?

Syria Virality

Those questions and more are easily answered on the demo pages. Just keep in mind that the demo only shows data from the past week.

In addition, I've also taken keywords from these viral stories and displayed them in aggregate. So you can see which keywords, perhaps, played a role in the content becoming viral. You may find some value for SEO in this data right here. Last, at the bottom is a simple listing of the most viral stories for the subject matter at hand.

The part that's going to draw your eye though is the graph. What exactly is it showing? Well, it's showing hour by hour over the past week each web site's average virality among their stories. You can toggle on/off the domains on the right if you wanted to compare two of them against each other for example. It is quite a bit of data to take in all at once when there are many sites involved (though it certainly looks pretty).

Above the graph is another interesting tid bit; the "net current virality score" is simply an average of all URLs talking about the subject that had some sort of virality. This is a current score as of this hour and not an average throughout the week. So you can read this value like so; web pages mentioning the given subject are, on average, more viral than X% of all web pages on the internet.

Quite a big statement and powerful observation...And this is only part of what Virality Score has to offer us. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, feel free to enter in your own entities in the URL. Just keep in mind they are case sensitive and need to be title case. Also, there's only so many entities and so many being talked about this week, so please be sure to use something well known and current.

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